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How It Works offers you a private photo and video space where photos taken by your friends and family members can be grouped into a common album that can be accessed privately via the web. Amalgram is a web application that is accessible via all your devices (Android and iOS). It allows you to create a multitude of albums and also to collect the photos and videos of your acquaintances and their comments. Each album includes a discussion forum for guest participants.

When travelling, your friends and family can connect to your album in real time to follow you on your journey and keep in touch with you.

In family, you can design an album where all members participate.

Event, be it a wedding or a birthday, Amalgram will assure you to collect the photos and videos taken by the participants and share them to the people you desire.

Planning an event? Create an album.

First, create your free user account on the site by clicking on the "Sign up for free" button.

Then, create your album either after the event, the day of the event, or a few weeks before, the choice is yours.

On the website, click on the "Create an album" button on the homepage.

  1. Some information must be entered: the name for the album, a small description (optional), the date of the event.

    You can also choose the visibility of your album:

    • Private so you and your guests are the only ones to see the album.
    • Public so the entire Amalgram community can access it (you can always choose to post photos privately).
    • Public with contribution, same as Public album, but you will allow the community to collaborate by adding photos to your album (ex: Photo Contest).

    When creating the album, you can immediately add your photos and videos and invite participants. You can do this later by saving the album in the first place and then returning to the album to make changes.

  2. Add as many photos as you like by clicking the "Search Photo and video on Your Computer" button. You can select multiple photos and videos at a time.

  3. Invite participants in private by entering their first name, last name and e-mail address.

    Save the album and write the invitation you want your participants to receive. They will receive this email and will be able to access the album via a button automatically inserted in the text.


… And after

You can then go back to a specific album to add photos and videos by clicking the "Add Photos/videos" button or invite new participants by clicking on the "Invite Participants" button.

All participants will be able to scroll through the album, add and like photos and videos, enter a comment and invite others. They can even intervene in the forum of the album by clicking on the button "Forum".

Then, you can manage the album by clicking on the "Manage Albums" button to modify the main photo of the album.

You can download a photo or a video by clicking the icon at the top of the detail page of a photo/video.

You can start a slide show by scrolling through all the photos and videos automatically using the icon at the top of the detail page of a photo.

The notifications:

  1. A notification e-mail is sent once a week to all participants to check the unseen changes regarding added photos and videos, added comments to photos and videos, added "I like" and the new guests who have accessed the album.
  2. A notification email is sent after each new entry in the album's forum allowing for more interactive communication.

Public albums:

Public and public albums with contributions do not require private invitations. The application generates a link that you can share (by e-mail, on your blog, on your newsletter, etc.). Public albums are accessible to the Amalgram community and anyone who clicks on the "Public Albums" link on the Amalgram main page.

How to increase the number of photos and videos?

Amalgram offers 75 free photos and 5 viddeos for you to familiarize yourself with the platform. All your guests will benefit from these same abilities by agreeing to collaborate on your albums.

2 ways to increase the number of photos / videos

  1. To increase the number of photos, you can subscribe to a package in the "More photo space" section. This will increase your photo / video availability for all the albums you create.
  2. You can also subscribe to a prepaid album, without annual renewal. In this case, all your photos and videos as well as those added by your guests will be deducted from your availability for this album. This option is available when creating an album.

1. Amalgram packages (How does it work?)

Through its packages, Amalgram offers you to host your photos and videos on the cloud (cloud) and an online service that allows you to manage, classify and create collaborative albums private or public. Amalgram packages increase the photo / video availability on your account by applying to all the albums that will be created. These packages are valid for a period of one year and are renewed automatically each year. If you do not have a PayPal account, you will be asked to create one to manage the recurrence. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

You can choose 2 types of package: "Individual" and "Company"

Individual Package

The "Individual" package offers several features and a range of photo / video capabilities.

** These photo / video capabilities only apply to photos and videos you add, not those of your guests. Photos and videos that your guests add will be deducted from their capacity according to their package.

  • Possibility to keep the original size of photos
  • Ability to create public albums
  • Import email addresses of your guests via a CSV file (Excel)

Choice of photo / video capabilities:

  • 500 photos and 100 videos
  • 1,500 photos and 200 videos
  • 5,000 and 500 videos

Business Package

This package includes the same features as the "Individual" package but, in addition, it allows to count the photos / videos that your employees add to the package of the company. They do not have to join a package to contribute to the albums of the company.

In addition, when an employee leaves the company, it is possible to remove access to the corporate album while retaining the photos and videos he has added. Here are the features:

  • Possibility to keep the original size of photos
  • Ability to create public albums
  • Import email addresses of your guests via a CSV file (Excel)
  • Counting the number of photos / videos of participants (employees) on the "Company" package
  • Removed access to corporate albums for employees who left the company
  • Preservation of photos and videos added by participants (employees) after their departure

2. Prepaid albums (How does it work?)

A prepaid album allows you to buy photo availability, for you and your guests, applicable to a specific album, for a single amount. These albums will offer the same benefits as current Amalgram packages (CSV import, original size of photos, ability to create public albums).

When creating an album, it is suggested that you adhere (for this album only) to a number of photos and videos that you deem necessary for your event. You can then proceed to the single payment without the need to create a PayPal account. After 3 years, you can download the photos and videos in one step or renew the album. It should be noted that your guests will also be able to increase the number of photos on your album.

IMPORTANT: If you want your guests to use your photo / video availability, you must either join a Prepaid album or join a "Corporate" package.

Why use Amalgram as an individual ?

Because it is the easiest software to create and manage photo and video albums.

Because it does not require a bond of friendship and is independent of any social network.

Because it does not keep any personal information besides your first and last name and email address.

Because Amalgram performs all the functions you need in the simplest way.

  1. Create photo/video albums
  2. Add photos and videos
  3. Invite participants in private
  4. Communicate through the album forum
  5. Comment photos and videos (comments and "likes")
  6. Search, categorize and group albums and photos/videos

Because Amalgram makes it possible to share and preserve the memories on all occasions:

  • family celebrations (children's parties, family celebrations, 50th birthday, etc.)
  • holidays with friends and family
  • sport activities (golf tournaments, expeditions and group excursions, marathons, hockey tournaments, football, lacrosse, hiking, etc.)
  • group travel (cruises, organized trips, etc.)
  • clubs and associations activities
  • social events (marriages, baptisms, etc.)
  • school activities (group outings, proms, etc.)
  • naturalist expeditions (mycologists, ornithologists, etc.)
  • corporate events (Christmas parties, team building activities, congresses)

Why use Amalgram as an organization?

To create a collaborative space for an event (before, during and after).

To keep, index and sort all your photos and videos (various activities).

To integrate a dynamic photo space into a private or public website.

To promote and centralize communications with clients, members, or partners.

To promote activities through the creation design of public albums.

To create a private collaborative space to centralize information before, during and after an event: documents, procedures, html links, photos and videos.

In order to offer an additional service appreciated by customers, members or partners.

To display a banner ad to your clientele.

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